Laundry Services

At Couture Cleaners, we offer affordable wash and fold laundry services in the Deerfield Beach area. Convenient pick-up and delivery is available to accommodate busy schedules. We’ll treat your favorite jeans, lucky shirt or baby’s blanket as if they were our own. Let us take the hassle out of laundry day so you can get back to what’s important to you.


Our experienced laundry specialists will wash and dry your clothing, towels, bed linens and more. Free laundry pickup and delivery.


Love the look of freshly pressed clothing but hate ironing? We’ll expertly clean and press your garments to keep you looking your best.

Fold or Hang

Your machine-washable clothing, delicates and blankets deserve a fluff and fold or wash, fold and hang service to preserve their quality.

Couture Cleaners
15 SE 2nd Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL


Laundry Pickup & Delivery

We know how busy life can get and how time-consuming doing laundry can be. With our convenient laundry pickup and delivery services, Couture Cleaners has become the laundry care experts that locals in and near Deerfield Beach love. Just bag up your machine washables such as clothing, linens, comforters and blankets and then schedule a pickup. Each freshly laundered garment will then be neatly folded or hung on hangers in preparation for delivery to your home or workplace.

Laundry Pickup and Delivery

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Dropoff Laundry Services

Just drop off your laundry at our Deerfield Beach location, on the corner of Hillsboro Blvd. and 2nd Avenue, to have our wash and fold experts do the rest. We’ll launder your garments and linens according to your specifications before professionally folding or hanging your fresh and clean laundry. We’ll notify you when your items are ready for pickup at your earliest convenience. Take back your time by using Couture Cleaners money-saving laundry drop off services.


Your clothing, including brand name garments, baby clothes and your favorite wardrobe pieces will get our white glove treatment at an affordable price. We’ll sort your colors, whites and delicates, give you a choice of detergents and professionally fold your freshly washed laundry.


Nothing is better than grabbing a fluffy, fresh-smelling towel after your shower, bath or swim. We’ll wash and dry your bath, kitchen and beach towels and return them folded perfectly, ready to be put away in your closet or drawers.

Bedding & Linens

Stay on top of your household routine by having our experts launder and press your bed sheets, blankets and comforters. We also wash larger items such as table cloths, mattress pads, quilts, duvet covers, pillows, table cloths, pillow top covers and more.

Washable Rugs

Don’t forget your machine-washable rugs. Our commercial sized machines are perfect for handling your hallway runners, bath mats and throw rugs. We’ll even wash your dog bed. Just include them in your laundry bags and we’ll return them fresh and clean.